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Bhadrabala Vadgama

Bhadrabala Vadgama is a renowned figure who has made significant contributions in the fields of education, library services, translation, and community work. Having emigrated to the UK in 1973, Bhadrabala's educational journey includes a BA from Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda (externally awarded by London), a Diploma in Education from Nairobi in 1966, and a Diploma in Library & Information Science from London in 1974.

With a career spanning several countries, Bhadrabala initially worked as a teacher in schools in Zanzibar and Kenya. Later, in the UK, Bhadrabala served as a librarian for the Inner London Education Authority from 1975 to 1977. Notably, Bhadrabala held the position of Librarian in charge of the Multicultural Library & Information Centre in the Borough of Wandsworth from 1977 until retirement in 1999. During this time, Bhadrabala's exceptional library services for ethnic minorities earned national recognition with an award in 1997.

In addition to library work, Bhadrabala is a talented freelance translator, specializing in translating government information leaflets and more than 80 children's bilingual stories from English into Gujarati. This contribution has helped bridge language gaps and promote accessibility for Gujarati-speaking individuals.

Outside of professional pursuits, Bhadrabala has a diverse range of hobbies and interests. These include practicing yoga, engaging in creative writing and translation in both English and Gujarati, immersing in Indian music, dance, and drama, and exploring the wonders of travel.

Bhadrabala's commitment to community service is evident through voluntary work as a member of the School Board of Governors in the London Borough of Croydon. Additionally, Bhadrabala has played influential roles as the Chair of the Asian Women's Group in Croydon and as a founder member and Chair of Aashyana, a housing scheme for Asian elderly people in Croydon.

Within the literary realm, Bhadrabala has held esteemed positions in the Gujarati Literary Academy, UK, serving as Secretary-General, President, and currently as the Vice President. These roles reflect Bhadrabala's dedication to promoting Gujarati literature and fostering a thriving literary community.

In summary, Bhadrabala Vadgama's life journey is characterized by a passion for education, library services, translation, and community engagement. Bhadrabala's accomplishments and contributions have left a lasting impact on the fields of education, literature, and cultural integration, inspiring others and fostering understanding and inclusivity.