About Chapter

Bhopal is known for its vibrant culture and arts scene. The city hosts various cultural festivals and events, including the Bharat Bhavan Summer Festival, showcasing traditional music, dance, and theater performances. The bustling markets and bazaars of Bhopal offer a delightful shopping experience, with a wide range of handicrafts, textiles, and traditional artwork.

Navaratri, Diwali, and Makar Sankranti are celebrated with fervor, enhancing the city's cultural diversity. Furthermore, Gujarati language is used within the community and it contributes to the linguistic diversity of the city.

The Gujarati community has established temples and community centers in Bhopal which serve as gathering spots for religious activities, cultural celebrations, and social events

Chapter Ambassador

Suresh Makwana

PhD in Gujarati Gazalma Sufism 3 book published more then 30 paper presented in International and National seminar.

Associate professor in Gujarati, Regional Institute of Education, NCERT, Bhopal (MP).

Specialisation : Gujarati language teaching (15years).

Creative writing like Gazal, Balgit, Git, Drama, laghukatha.

Multilingual Education, e content in Gujarati for School education, Arts and Aesthetics, Tribal folklore and culture.

His 25 Articles were published in major Gujarati magazines.

He is National Expert, State coordinator of Gujarat, Diu and Daman, DNH.

Dr. Makwana enjoys Sketching, Painting, Singing, Music, Reading as hobby