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Atlanta is known for its cultural diversity and vibrant multiethnic communities. Among these communities, the Indian population holds a significant presence. The Atlanta metropolitan area is home to an estimated 150,000 Indian Americans, making it one of the largest Indian communities in the Southern United States.

Within the Indian demographic, Gujaratis make significant contributions to various sectors such as business, healthcare, technology, and academia. They preserve their cultural traditions through organizations like the Gujarati Samaj of Atlanta. This association organizes events including Navratri and Diwali celebrations, cultural performances, and community gatherings. The Gujarati Samaj also supports newly arrived Gujarati immigrants and fosters the sharing and preservation of their rich cultural heritage.

In addition to the Gujarati Samaj, broader Indian cultural associations such as the India American Cultural Association (IACA) and the Federation of Indian-American Associations of Georgia (FIAAG) play vital roles in promoting Indian culture and organizing festivals for the community.

Atlanta hosts various cultural events that celebrate Indian heritage and engage a wide audience, including the Atlanta Indian Film Festival and the Festival of India. The Global Mall in Norcross, a suburb of Atlanta, serves as a bustling Indian shopping center and community hub, featuring numerous Indian stores, restaurants, and service providers. The city also hosts food festivals and events where Gujarati food is showcased, further introducing and familiarizing the wider Atlanta community with Gujarati cuisine.

Overall, Atlanta's Indian and Gujarati populations are dynamic and actively involved in preserving their unique cultural heritage while making significant contributions to the city's multicultural landscape. Through various organizations and cultural events, these communities continue to foster understanding and appreciation of Indian culture in the heart of the Southern United States.

Chapter Ambassador

Nimisha Raval

Nimisha was born and brought up in Vadodara. Ever since she was little, she is an avid reader and read everything she came across.

Nimisha is a math major and has Masters in Science from The M. S. University of Baroda and from Western Michigan University in US. She has worked in various sectors within industry but moved to academia as of 2004. She has a doctorate in Leadership from Valdosta State University in US. Her current role entails leading an application for the state of Georgia that identifies, intervenes, and sustains students at-risk of attrition so colleges can generate successful academic pathways for these students.

She is fond of cooking, dancing, singing, and listening to music. She is an extrovert and has yet to meet a stranger! She had not been in touch with Gujarati Sahitya once she moved to USA in 1993. Although, she did ensure that her two daughters, understood their mother tongue so she always speaks to them in Gujarati. Nimisha came to know about Gujarati Sahitya Forum in the recent past. She appreciates the role played by literature in our society and is very keen in spreading the awesome work this forum does for our literature.